INVEST IN EDUCATION INITIATIVE (Abe Kwok – Arizona Republic – May 20, 2018)

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The citizens initiative Invest in Education Act has been described as a soak-the-rich measure that provokes class warfare. It has also been hailed as the solution to sustained education funding.  This much is true: The ballot proposal is the only education-funding idea that’s presently in play for 2018, provided backers gather enough signatures to qualify it for the Nov. 6 election.

Not sure how you’d cast your vote on the proposition? Here are some key factors:

PROS for Invest in Education Initiative
  •      raises income taxes on those who benefited most from Federal tax cut
  •      avoids sales taxes and its effects on lower socioeconomic citizens
  •      only 2018 ballot proposal that guarantees funding that the legislature/governor can’t alter
  •      60% goes to teachers and 40% goes to operations and support staff
CONS Invest in Education Initiative
  •      education funding is every citizen’s responsibility – not just for those who earn $250,000+
  •      Az Chamber of Commerce is opposed to it because of possible effect on business growth

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Announcing the Candidacy of David Brill

Brill for Congress

David Brill and his wife, Abby, have been members of Prescott Indivisible since its inception. Abby is a member of the Human Rights team and David is a member of the Communication and Events team.

David announced that he is a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives for Congressional District 4 at the Yavapai Democratic Party Monthly Meeting on Thursday, January 11.



This is an important opportunity to assist with a national campaign that is bound to be contentious considering Gosar’s ‘Freedom Caucus’ views and his unwillingness to listen to his constituents. Congressional District 4 ranges from Old Canyon City to the south, Yuma in the southwest and Lake Havasu in the west, the Arizona state border on the north, Anthem in the south. It was drawn in 2010 and contains portions of the old 1st, 2nd and 5th districts. It is 95.5% rural and has a population of approx. 750,000.

Education Team Needs You

Prescott Indivisible’s Education team is in need of members, especially for the spring legislative term.  We are hoping to be involved in carpool trips to Phoenix to lobby our District 1 legislators on school funding, vouchers, and other education issues, and to be involved in committee hearings and monitoring business sessions at the legislature, both house and senate.  But we need active members who can do these things.  We also need a co-leader for the team since I will be staying in Phoenix approximately 5 days a week until May.  If you can step up, email me at